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DIY ATTITUDE: Dylan Smyth is looking for more local photographers to help promote suburban Newcastle. Picture: Simone De PeakLOCAL photographers looking to showcase the city and their talents are putting together a bimonthly magazine featuring Newcastle suburbs.

Dylan Smyth, part of the Renew Newcastle project, developed the idea for 2hrsnorth based on a need to build Newcastle’s reputation for graphic design and photography.

He said it could be hard to get design or photography work in Newcastle, and the project’s name, 2hrsnorth makes reference to our distance from Sydney.

The ‘zines will show off two suburbs at a time: one inner-city suburb with one closer to the boundary of the region.

Other contributors include Liam Madsen and Brett McDonald. Madsen runs popular art zine, Native.

Aligned with the Newcastle DIY attitude, the self-published zine features interviews with local emerging artists and independent galleries, giving insight into Newcastle’s vibrant art community as well as resources available to artists.

McDonald is a third-year visual communication design student at Newcastle University whose work focuses on the ocean and city’s coastline.

“It’s going to be important to present the city as a whole, not just the obvious postcard-type scenes and well-known areas on the beaches and in the inner city, but all the areas of the city.”

Smyth said the list is long, but the photographers hope to capture changes in the CBD, Renew Newcastle and the boutique shift of stores in the area. Gentrification of suburbs such as Carrington and Wickham will be highlighted, as will the rise of new estates and kit homes in areas like Fletcher.

“It’s Newcastle’s diversity that really makes this project possible, and hopefully it becomes a celebration of that,” he says.

They hope to have the first two issues out by the end of July and are looking for interest from other local photographers.

To find out more about the zine, go to 2hrsnorth.tumblr老域名出售.

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