How to be happy

Right next to Easy Street.Nalisha Patel likes to start each day in a happy way. She puts on music by Pitbull or Zedd and she writes out her goals to the upbeat soundtrack. “I lived in my favourite city, South Beach, Miami, for about nine months and listened to Pitbull a lot there. So when I write out my goals to his songs, I get a rush of emotion and joy because it was such a happy time in my life,” she says. Next: the gratitude list. “There is always something good happening even if business is slow or challenging.”

It’s a daily ritual that keeps her feeling perky and gives her a positive cushion if there’s a quiet patch in her business, NalishaPatel老域名出售, which teaches people how to translate their skills and expertise into digital online products so they can live and work anywhere in the world.

“When a customer does come through, I am grateful and upbeat, so it helps the sale,” she says.

When business dries up it can be easy to get caught in a negative spiral. Resentfully wondering where your favourite customers have gone, and why people don’t buy more, or more often, can be a recipe for repelling customers rather than drawing them in. Those who do support your business can end up wondering why they bother if it always comes with a generous helping of bad – or sad – mood.

Business coach Maureen Pound says: “People will sense that negativity and not want to go back and then you lose even more customers.” It can also filter through to staff.

To stay motivated you’ve got to learn to accentuate the positive. Here are six tips for putting on a happy face.

Practise gratitude

Be thankful for the good stuff. Write a list of what you have achieved in your business; what makes you enjoy working for yourself; great sales experiences; lovely interactions with customers. It will switch your thoughts in a positive direction. Jotting down four or five things a day can be “a constant reminder that things are not so bad,” says Pound. And don’t forget to thank your customers for their business. Let them know when you’ve enjoyed dealing with them.

Feel good

Do something every day that makes you glad to be alive. Play with your dog. Do your favourite gym class. Go for a walk in the sunshine. But keep the chocolate cake cure in check. “It’s just going to make you feel more lethargic.”

See the opportunity

When psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Nick Terrone strikes a quiet time, he likes to practise what he preaches.

“The best thing that works for me when things are slow is simply to balance out my perceptions by asking myself some quality questions like: what are the benefits of this situation? What is this situation trying to teach me? What lessons am I learning right now that I’ll be able to teach others in this situation?

“These questions help me find balance very quickly rather than allowing a downward spiral to continue,” he says.

Do something

Plan your week. “Then you’re not getting up every morning and thinking: things aren’t going well what should I do now,” says Pound. Another of Terrone’s favourites: what action can you take right now to improve things?

Connect with others

It’s easy to get bogged down in a doom and gloom attitude when you’re a solo operator. Pound knows how it goes. “When I started out and it wasn’t working I preferred to give up and lie on the couch for a couple of days and watch TV. But it didn’t help turn things around.” What worked was nutting out a plan and getting around other people. “Often you don’t actually feel like being around people but it’s the best thing you can do.”

Connecting with other business owners helps keep things in perspective. Every business goes through down times. A business group event can give you fresh ideas and the energy to try something new. A neutral sounding-board such as a business coach can allow you to vent negative emotions in a way that won’t damage your business, staff or personal relationships.

Put on your laughing gear

No need to join a laughter club (unless you want to). But laughing or smiling will give your mood an instant lift. Borrow a comedy DVD. Phone a friend who makes you giggle. Watch a couple of funny clips on YouTube. Be a bit cheeky or silly. It will all help you feel brighter and bolder, and that attitude will flow into your business.

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