Kanye West slams Annie Leibovitz for pulling out of wedding shoot

It took four days of editing to get this photograph perfect, according to Kanye West. Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram Did this wedding photograph of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also take four days to edit? Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Perfectionist and rapper Kanye West said photographer Annie Leibovitz bailed on his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding shoot because she was ”scared of the idea of celebrity”.

It is surprising, as the famous photographer has more than 40 years worth of famous faces in her portfolio, including John Lennon, Michael Jackson and the Obama family.

Leibovitz, who has worked for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, also shot the couple’s notorious cover for the April issue of Vogue.

That didn’t stop West blasting the acclaimed photographer for pulling out of their lavish event at the last minute.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference, West said he spent four days editing his wedding photograph  because Leibovitz bailed on the wedding.

”I was like, ‘Okay, I still want my wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz’, and we sat there and worked on that photo for, like, four days because the flowers were off-colour,” West told the conference.

”Let me tell you something about that kiss photo that my girl put up … this was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon, she was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much,” West said.

The rapper said they laboured over the photograph because it was vital they got it perfect.

”Can you imagine telling someone who wants to just Instagram a photo, who’s the No.1 person on Instagram, ‘We need to work on the colour of the flower wall’,” West said.

”Or the idea that it’s a Givenchy dress, and it’s not about the name Givenchy, it’s about the talent that is Riccardo Tisci – and how important Kim is to the Internet.”

For West, only the best will do, not only as far as his Instagram photos are concerned.

”I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl that I look at her pictures the most and get turned on the most,” he said.

After four days of what must have been really hard work, they achieved the desired result, with the photo becoming the most-liked photograph on Instagram – receiving well over 2 million likes.

West, who opened the conference by saying ”I don’t want to say all these big over-the-top statements that end up getting quoted the wrong way”, managed to leave a few extra nuggets of wisdom anyway.

”Fashion is so important because they are trained thinkers of taste. The reason I have been trying to build relationships in that world is that … celebrity is the highest form of communication; we are like walking networks or TV shows or brands,” he said.

”You don’t think good taste, and I think bad taste is vulgar – it’s like cursing. I believe the world can be saved by design because, what is the most vulgar thing someone could do? Kill someone, so good taste is the opposite of that.”

When asked how he deals with critics, West said you have to be able to deal with people not understanding you initially in order to improve the world.

”I think I get a bad rap for saying ‘I can do this’. We are like the creatives with teeth, we know the idea is more important than our personal well-being, I may say things that are not for my personal well-being … you are creating to make everybody’s lives better.”

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