LETTER: Rip up your Knights ticket

ON behalf of the Supporters Club of the Knights, I take offence at Leigh Maughan’s recent remarks (‘‘Leigh laments loss of links to past’’ Herald 17/6).

Mr Maughan, you need to get the facts right.

We have been in existence for 26 years, with two members on the committee having been there that length of time.

And we have raised almost $1million for the club.

Mr Maughan, you are one that signed off on the Tinkler takeover and now you complain.

This club, the players, its staff and fans need this club to run without turmoil and that is going to be achieved. It will eventually return to the members, maybe with the help of Wests.

But Mr Maughan, you are scaremongering and doing so much damage. This is not about your No.1 ticket.

Quite frankly, who cares if you are number one?

I value the fans that pay to go to a game, sit in the rain and scream and shout for their beloved team.

You stated last week you were going to tear up your No.1 ticket– well I dare you.

Marilyn Edwards,


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