Mimmi Nikolaisen’s day on a plate

Mimmi Nikolaisen Hotham snow reporter and ski instructor

6.30am A glass of water, vitamin C tablet, a green tea and an orange.

7.30am Filmed a snow report and enjoyed a latte (and a Lacteeze for my lactose intolerance). Breakfast was gluten free toast with Promite, rocket, Colby cheese and cucumber slices.

8.55am Shared a big plate of oranges.

12.30pm I rarely wait this long between meals. My ski school kids and I stampede the restaurant. I have Moroccan lamb with sweet potato and sultanas on rice. The kids and I play a card game in which the losing team had to eat a finger dip of sour cream, soy sauce, water, pepper and chicken salt. My team lost.

4pm A cup of Irish breakfast tea with milk.

5.30pm A few handfuls of salt and vinegar chips, a vitamin C tablet and Japanese roasted rice green tea.

6pm Toast with Promite and layered with cheese and rocket.

7pm I picked out a splinter from my neighbour’s finger, who offered a few squares of chocolate as an expression of gratitude.

9pm Leftover soup with potatoes, mushrooms, chicken stock, broccoli and grenadier fillets.

10pm A novelty glass of Baileys.

Dr Joanna McMillan


Mimmi is getting more than enough vitamin C! She actually meets her recommended daily requirement from the one orange at breakfast. Although the optimal intake is likely to be a little higher, she achieves this easily through the additional fruit she snacks on, as well as the fresh vegies such as rocket and broccoli. The vitamin C tablets are most likely ending up in the loo. Being in the snow, Mimmi’s hot lunch is beneficial and she will need something substantial to keep her energy levels up through her active day. She does well to provide her body with a regular dose of carbohydrate from her toast, rice, sweet potato and potato – carbohydrate will be burned up at a fast rate while skiing. Her green tea and regular black tea provide a boost of unique beneficial antioxidants that have been associated with reduced risk of various chronic diseases. Her fibre intake is a little low. Ensuring her toast is a high-fibre option, adding a bowl of steamed vegies or salad to lunch, swapping the chips for nuts and perhaps adding some extra vegies, including some robust greens such as silverbeet to her soup, would do the trick.

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