Port Kennedy man on animal ban after puppy neglect

Port Kennedy man on animal ban after puppy neglect Caesar




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A PORT Kennedy man has been banned from owing any animals for five years after his dog was found to be just a third of its expected weight and suffering with sepsis.

Ten-month-old American pit bull terrier cross puppy called Caesar was put down on humane grounds after he was found to be badly emaciated, had an untreated skin mite and was suffering from a severe skin condition.

That skin condition was affecting 90 per cent of his body with the most severe ulceration crusting around his head.

Blood tests confirmed the puppy was dehydrated and suffering with sepsis, and despite six days of veterinary care, was euthanased after he lapsed into a coma.

On Wednesday Christopher Paul Hansen was convicted of two counts of animal cruelty in Rockingham Magistrates Court.

The court heard Mr Hansen tookCaesar to a local vet where the complaint was made with the 10-month-old puppy weighing just 10.5kg; a third of the expected 30kg average weight.

Mr Hansen could not advise if Caesar was wormed or vaccinated, did not know when his puppy last ate and told the court he had been unable to provide the dog with treatment due to a lack of money.

“Once again, this dog’s death was preventable through early intervention by taking the dog to a vet,” RSPCA chief inspector Amanda Swift said.

“It is very frustrating we continue to see far too many cases of neglect.”

Also in Rockingham Magistrates Court was Emily Elks, a former resident who now resides in Victoria.

Ms Elks was fined $3000 and ordered to pay more than $1000 in court costs to the RSPCA after the greyhound she adopted was returned severely malnourished.

The court heard Ms Elks, 27, adopted five-year-old greyhound Target through Greyhound Adoptions WA in May, 2012.

But when the dog was returned to the organisation just four months later as Ms Elks said she could not longer care for the dog, Target was found to be in a shocking condition with his rib cage and spinal cord protruding.

Ms Elks told RSPCA inspectors Target was stressed as her partner worked away in the Navy but admitted the greyhound was malnourished and required veterinary treatment.

Ms Elks applied for a spent conviction in Rockingham Magistrates Court, but in sentencing that application was refused on the grounds the case needed to act as a strong deterrent to the community.

Ms Swift said it was extremely important that potential dog owners thought carefully about the animal’s needs before committing to an adoption or sale.

“It’s sad to think that Target was in need of a forever loving home and this person clearly let him down,” she said.

“There is no excuse to let the dog get into such a state of neglect.”

The RSPCA highlighted the work of Greyhound Adoptions WA in ensuring Target was nursed back to health.

He now resides back at the organisation.

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