Skydiver plummets to ground after parachute fails above Sydney

SkydiveDizzying footage of a skydiver struggling to open his parachute as he plummets towards Sydney has made headlines around the world.

While the footage of the 27-year-old instructor trying to disconnect his main parachute has gone viral, his former boss is less than impressed with  what he saw.

“It’s his own stupid mistake,” Phil Onis, the director of Sydney Skydivers, based in Wilton in Sydney’s south-west, said. “He made a couple of mistakes and he’s actually paid for it.”

The footage, which was taken earlier this year on a GoPro camera but made it into headlines this week, shows the Canadian national spinning wildly around as he tries to disconnect his main parachute after it fails to open.

Only seconds away from hitting the ground, he finally manages to release his reserve parachute and an “Oh, shit” and sigh of relief can be heard before he falls on solid land.

Mr Onis said the instructor, whom we have chosen not to name, had  incorrectly packed his parachute before leaping out of the plane more than 4000 metres above the ground.

“The main parachute didn’t disconnect properly because he had it misrouted so when he tried to use it the reserve didn’t come out as it should,” Mr Onis said.

The instructor joined the company about a year ago and only recently left Australia to go on a trip to Europe, he said.

And while some were left breathless from just watching the terrifying footage, for others it simpy wasn’t “a big deal”.

“That’s why we’ve got two parachutes, we just use the reserve parachute,” Mr Onis said.

The instructor too was apparently not fazed by the whole incident. He went on to jump  from a plane not once, but twice more on the same day.

The thrill-seeker told the UK’s Telegraph that somebody else had hooked his gear up incorrectly and he hadn’t noticed.

“Everyone has jokingly been telling me for months that I was going to have a bad cutaway – so when it twisted up on me I thought, ‘Now they’re all going to laugh at me’.”

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