True Blood may be resurrected as a musical

Fangs for the memories … Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. True Blood fans already bracing themselves for the final episodes of the hit vampire series, can console themselves with the news True Blood: The Musical could be on the way.

The final series of the quirky HBO drama starring Anna Paquin goes to air in the US this weekend amid reports HBO is in talks about resurrecting it as a musical.

E! Online is reporting that the network is in “very early discussions” about producing an all-singing, all-dancing True Blood.

“The story lends itself to a musical,” True Blood composer Nathan Barr told E! Online. “The challenge for us is the minute I thought about True Blood: The Musical, I myself could kind of groan. I can see the bad version of that. It’s really a matter of finding a way of sort of reinventing it.”

Barr added that he already had some music ready for the project.

Barr said he was due to present his ideas to HBO next year but declined to say whether any of the original cast were likely to be involved.

“We’re pitching it; it’s not a guaranteed thing,” Barr reportedly said. “I have the rights. HBO doesn’t have to like it, but hopefully they will, and they’ll give us the shot to make it and bring it to Broadway.”

Locally, the trend for taking small screen series to the stage continues, with news The Bold And The Musical, a cabaret version of the American soap Bold And The Beautiful, will premiere in August.

Starring PJ Lane as Ridge Forrester, the musical has been created by Australian songwriter Bianca Moon whose work on the original series was nominated for a daytime Emmy Award.

“We actually have the (series producers) blessing to turn the TV show into a musical,” she said. “Though, frankly I can’t believe no one thought of this earlier, the material is just so, so ripe for parody

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