Try the two tee drill: video

Tony White demonstrates the two tee drill that will help improve your swing. Photo supplied


FROM last week’s article, we now know that we will instinctively do the wrong thing when we first swing at a golf ball.

We also know that, judging by the amount of golf shots that go along the ground, some of us never overcome that.

Your instinct is to ‘help’ a golf ball into the air by some sort of ‘lifting’ action.

If you read a golf book on technique, it might tell you to keep your head down or keep your left arm straight, keep your spine angle or keep your knees flexed, or another of the endless solutions there might be for ‘topping’ a golf ball.

The fact is that if you simply contact what the ball is resting on, not only will the ball go into the air (yippee!!) but you will lose all the faults that those ‘words of wisdom’, all well intended, are supposed to cure.

It’s no surprise that, typically, having fixed one problem, you simply move on to the next problem and so on.

The reason is that you are only fixing a symptom, the issue is that you are contorting yourself in different ways in order to try to lift the ball – which you can’t – period.

Here’s a drill to help change that instinct to ‘lift’ the ball.

Using a 7-iron or something similar, a club with a bit of loft to inspire some confidence, put a ball on a tee with the tee about a centimetre high (you can raise it a bit more if you are still struggling).

Now, about where you would make your practice swing put another tee in the ground, at the same height but without a ball on it.

Have a few swings ‘off-site’ to get loosened up and when you feel ready, make a normal golf swing and hit the tee without a ball on it. If you miss then you need a bit more practice in order to get that skill level up.

Assuming you hit the tee and either broke it or sent it spiralling through the air, now address the golf ball, making a normal swing and hit the tee that is under the ball, again either breaking it or sending it spiralling through the air.

What happened? If you miss, it can only be the distraction of the golf ball (lifting it/directing it etc.).

If you hit it then your ball will be in the air and we’re off – simply lower both tees progressively until the ball is basically on the ground – if you can still hit both tees, there is no reason now to top another golf ball – ever.

An accompanying video is available to aid understanding.

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